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Who We Are

Having witnessed in close proximity at different times the destructive upshot of drug addiction and other vices, It’s with a heavy heart filled with pains and regrets not helping adequately those very dear to me whose destinies got thwarted because of drug addiction that i write this note to you. In recent years the number of indulgers and types of substances keep skyrocketing, the unimaginable and unending substances used are quite alarming and inadvertently destructive to both the users,their loved ones,the Nation and world at large.


It is a battle that can only be won collectively as the whirlpool is getting hotter by the day and we must calm it before we all get swallowed up in the hole.I’ve been studying the pros and cons and i must say it’s not as “sip a cup of tea” as it sounds. you may not be directly connected to anyone under substance abuse at the moment but you or your loved ones may be victims of the traumatizing effect an addict leaves under influence.

We all pray to be safe from harm and evil but we must come together to say no to drug abuse and other growing social vices before the storm becomes totally uncontrollable.

Yours in service to humanity,

Comfort Ewomazino Okuna.

Our Vision

To catalyze social security and societal development.

Our Mission

We are propelled by our unwavering passion to expunge drug addiction, human trafficking, social misconduct and other vices preternaturally. Preserving the great minds on which our future depends is a milestone that we at Humanity Access Centre are set to accomplish.

Our Values


Social Justice